fields of expertise
Real estate law
- sales contracts,
- exchange contracts,
- contracts of gift,
- lease agreements,
- contracts for the termination of co-ownership,
- contracts regarding arable land, representation in land registry procedures.
Corporate law
- the foundation of business associations,
- the amendment of corporate data,
- transformations,
- dissolution, representation in court-of-registration procedures. We are in possession of the software required for legal representation in electronic company registration procedures, and we hold an authorisation for electronic signature.
Representation of business associations
Representation of business associations under a case-by-case or long-term assignment, the latter of which entails the day-to-day management of the given business association’s legal affairs, and counselling in connection with matters of corporate law and employment law.
Representation in civil proceedings
- lawsuits concerning economic law,
- civil lawsuits, preparation of applications and other submissions.
Representation in enforcement procedures, liquidation- and administrative proceedings
- We undertake to represent clients regardless whether they participate in the given procedure as the debtor or as the creditor / party requesting enforcement.
Legal counselling, preparation and revision of contracts
- legal counselling in matters of economic law and general civil law (property law, inheritance law);
- preparation and revision of
- personal service contracts,
- works contracts,
- loan agreements,
- contracts of inheritance,
- maintenance agreements,
- life annuity contracts.